Softaculous 3.5

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Idag vil alle servere bli oppgradert til Softaculous 3.5. Disse endringene og oppdateringene er med i den nye versjonen:

This version of Softaculous adds some cool new features and fixes some bugs. This version adds the capability to install PERL scripts by the click of a button. A complete list of changes: 1) We have added PERL scripts for the endusers. A user can now install PERL scripts without going through complex installation procedures. 2) Added the ACL for control panel plans. Now you can define Softaculous Plans / ACL and link them to the control panel plan. All users who have that particular control panel plan will automatically get only the scripts listed in the Softaculous Plan. 3) We have added a new SUPER COOL feature - A Softaculous Category in the cPanel User Interface showing the TOP 14 scripts that the user can access directly from cPanel. You can also rename the Category to anything you like to suite the name of your Hosting Company. Board Image 4) We have added a new Softaculous favicon. There are new Favicons for Webuzo and AMPPS as well. 5) Added API to get the list of Installed Scripts of a user. 6) Added API to uninstall an installation of a user. 7) Added API to get the Demos and Screenshots of a script. 8) Categorized the scripts in the Add and Edit ACL / Plan pages for easy selection of scripts. 9) Added option to disable PERL scripts if a host doesnt want to offer it. 10) Added option to add a Remote MySQL Host in Direct Admin. 11) Improved API to import scripts with Data Directory. 12) Improvements for the next version of AMPPS and Webuzo which will be launched soon after. AMPPS is a WAMP and MAMP stack for Desktops and servers while Webuzo is Standalone Softaculous for VPS and Clouds. 13) Bug Fix : MySQL DB Name suggestion has been improved for long usernames. 14) Bug Fix : While backing up an installation if a file was not readable, the backup used to fail. More error reporting has been added and the backup procedure has been improved. 15) Bug Fix : In Plesk 10+ subscription domains was not supported by Softaculous. This is now supported. 16) Bug Fix : Added UTF-8 email support in Softaculous. 17) Bug Fix : Added seperate php.ini in Direct Admin for Softaculous to avoid bugs related to suhosin enabled servers. 18) Added feature to install Popular scripts like WordPress, PrestaShop, MyBB, phpBB, DokuWiki, Piwik and few more in Multiple Languages.

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